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Amy Ishmael



Hello, my name is Amy Carter-Ishmael. I want to share my story briefly and tell you what "Healing Art" means to me.
In Aug. 2007 I suffered a Tramatic Brain Injury, (TBI). Over a course of three years I relearned how to stay awake, do elementary math and relaern many things I used to know, although I still had many missing memories of events and people.
In Aug. 2010, I felt ready to study something new in life and was drawn to art. Simply looking at paintings and sculpture seemed to make me feel better.

As I studied in that first semester at Collin College, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for being led to art. I felt blessed to be learning something that seemed so theraputic. Then, while experimenting with printmaking, I discovered a method of creating that brought back a memory that had been lost in my injured brain. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the memory. I repeated the process again and again over the next year and about 8-9 times out of ten a memory would come back to me. As memories came back, I found it was exhausting and I needed to process them. I created editions in relief of my art and later etchings, paintings and sculpture to process and accept memories that were originally, emotionally or physically painful.

Healing Art to me is any type of art that either creates physical, mental or spiritual healing in either the creator or the viewer. My hope is that my art will do both.

My entry: Seeking My Voice Too, is now in the Permanant Collection of the Turning Point of Plano, TX. It is used in a therapy room at their Rape Crisis Center.

My entry: TBI:Invisible Injuries has been published in the Sping 2012 special edition titled "Forces", a Collin College publication honoring our service men and women both active and veterans. My hope is that it will raise awareness of TBI amoung the military and civilian populations.

My entry: His Hat, is an etching about love and loss and the importance of the father figure in a young girl's life.

These images represent a few that have helped me in my personal journey toward healing and recovery. Thank you for offering a place for artists to share their stories and their healing art.