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Dawn Johnson



I'm an inspirational artist and writer. Born in Prince George and raised in logging camps throughout the province of BC gave me a unique and organic up bringing. With limited supplies I would rework found objects from nature and around the house.

Graduated from Grade 12 arts 2.5 years early, then continued my art studies from the College of New Caledonia and classes offered by community centers and adult education programs, where I got a taste of life studies and installation work. To further my growth in the arts I often take on new materials and methods.

While running my gallery I started doing community events and art openings. I soon found a connection to these events and their benefits to the wellbeing of those who attended. The painting 1043+1, is a pride piece, started with the help of 36 others with the intention to promote love for all people regardless of our differences and those who took part in it found themselves feeling much happier after the process. The artwork has grown exponentially since its original conception and it soon began to signify one's community and how the closer we are to those that surround us the brighter they shine. As abstract as the painting itself so are its spiritual significance to our current awakenings. Signifying 144,000; which has both biblical & historical references. Biblical reference in a number of faiths, it refers to the number of enlightened souls to ascend. Historically to the Baktun as referenced in the Maya long count calendar which after some calculating brings us to Dec, 21st, 2012. It has been a true creation from inspiration and I think the love, compassion & passion that helped create it exudes from it.