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Exhibition: Art Heals "The Power of Art Therapy"
August 11, 2012 6-9PM

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Name:Rick Chapman
City/State:Greensboro, NC

Name: Heather Crowley
City/State:East Kingston, NH

Name: Don Farrell
City/State: Seattle, WA

Name: Rachel Harnish
City/State: Rochester, NY

  cory green image 2012_Book_Awards_Cory_Green_allisone 2012_Book_Cover_Denise_Nickey 2012_Book_Cover_Denise_Nickey

Name: Michele Renee Ledoux City/State:Evergreen, CO

Name:David Mel
City/State:Evergreen, CO

Name: Denise Nickey
City/State:Wellsville, PA

Name: Ernesto Rodriguez City/State:Avalon, CA

The Power of Art Therapy
August 4 - August 29, 2012 Reception: August 11, 2012 6-9PM

Held at:
DA VINCI ART ALLIANCE 704 Catherine Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19147

Prepare to be swept away by the dynamic creativity of Art Heals: The Power of Art Therapy which displays the work of artists who use their talent and skill to create art that goes to the very depth and meaning of reality, and plays on the boundaries of your conscious awareness. Viewers may be both surprised to become in gulfed in the healing power of the artists mind. During the entire month of August, the Artist Circle Foundation artists will be displaying artworks in a group exhibition at the Da Vinci Art Alliance in the Theme of Art therapy. The purpose of Art therapy is essentially one of healing, physical, mental and emotional problems. The eight emerging to mid-career artists are from around the country, and displaying art in the media of digital, mixed, collage, prints, and paintings.

The Artistic Circle Healing Art Group Show